Through steady action we ensure a better future for communities.

Together, we’re part of something larger and extraordinary. With our combined efforts we can better the life of communities in need.

We connect the right sources and means with relevant community projects and build a growing platform where good things can happen.

Om Rob turned 60. Now he runs from Jakarta to Denpasar, Bali.
1.433km in 18 days (2 marathons per day).

The purpose is to raise awareness and funds for the next project by Tupai Pandai. He and Bibi Punky will deliver 1 Million Liter of drinking water to East Sumba. A region that suffers from an extreme drought.

For our first project, bloom helps will work with Tupai Pandai.

Our main goal with this project is to help ease the burden on the community affected by the Covid-19 pandemic and at the same time educate, especially children, about the importance of maintaining health and also protecting the surrounding environment.

Because our future is in their hands.


Educational Program for Children

Natural Disaster Relief

Sosial Help

Medical Help

Together We Can 

Together We Can 

Together We Can